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Project Description
The DS App Studio project has finally been released to the public. The beta 0.4 of DS App Studio has been released on the official website.

What is DS App Studio

DS App Studio is a studio, or development kit, that is being built to make development for the Nintendo DS easier. The DS App Studio application itself is just the IDE. DS App Studio uses a built-in programming language called DSAL(DS Application Langauge) that consists of functions meant to make applications for the Nintendo DS. DS App Studio will also consist of many types of editors for application development AND game development, such as DS Image Maker and DS Sound Studio. DS App Studio will also be able to develop 3D applications and games. The DS App Studio though WILL NOT include a 3D development tool since there are 3D tools out there, such as Blender, Anim8or, and 3D Canvas. DS App Studio is currently in its BETA stages, so you can use the beta of DS App Studio to currently develop Nintendo DS applications.

What is DSAL

DSAL is a programming language developed by AwsomiSoft, which is specifically meant for Nintendo DS application development. This programming language has abilities to make Nintendo DS homebrew development easier, while still allowing you to develop professional Nintendo DS applications and games. DSAL will never be done developing, for we plan to keep adding on to the language to make DSAL even better.

    start2D(256, 256);
       say("Hello, World!");

Currently, the DSAL language is capable of the following:

*Using backgrounds, sounds, and text
*Using variables, such as Int and String
*Using forms to make it easier to keep track of what functions are in use.
*Using the Nintendo DS controls. Ex: A, B, X, Y, R, L, START, SELECT
*Doing If/Then statements
*Using loops.

If you would like to suggest things for DSAL, just contact us at

People currently Contributing towards the Project

The following are contributers or developers for DS App Studio:

*Ooomar(Studio developer, Resource creator)
*AwsomaSoft(PL developer, head of project)
*ahmedb(Website contributer)

If you would like to contribute towards the project, just contact us at our e-mail.

Current Version

The current beta version is 0.4

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